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Square Cad #13 - Hype Check: Fab Filter Pro-L Limiter
Floris Klinkert (Fab Filter Software)

This week Square Cad is checking the hype on Fab Filter's Pro-L Limiter. Floris Klinkert of Fab Filter shares his thoughts on what goes into to making a good limiter, and the experience of developing the Pro-L.

The first thing people fall in love with about Pro-L is it's interface, which is gorgeous. However, the important thing is how it sounds, so the Pro-L gets put through it's paces! We hear how it sounds applying 1dB, 3dB, and 6dB of limiting on a mix. Also, you can hear how the Pro-L performs relative to other high-quality mastering limiters by downloading 1dB, 3dB, and 6dB limiting samples for Pro-L, Voxengo Elephant, and Flux Pure Limiter 2 HERE (111M zip file). Use the files to set up your own double-blind limiter test and see which you think performs best.

Music: Notorious B.I.G (Feat. 112) Sky's the Limit

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