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Square Cad #15 - Amplification and Class D
Bruno Putzeys (Hypex Electronics, Grimm Audio)

Walk into a mastering studio anywhere in the world and the amps powering the monitoring system are likely to employ linear forms of amplification (Class A & Class A/B). Are these amps more widely used because they're the best option? Class D amps have staggeringly low distortion and are currently the most efficient amps you can buy, so why are they not more often utilized?

To find out I spoke with Bruno Putzeys of Hypex Electronics in The Netherlands. Bruno has worked as an amp designer for decades, beginning his career with Phillips before moving his innovative Class D design to Hypex. Bruno how Class D amps differ from traditional linear amplifiers, why some amp designers don't take advantage of rational engineering principles, and why it's so hard to make a 'green' amp that sounds good.

Music: Handsome Boy Modeling School Class System

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