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Square Cad #47 - Effective Mixing Pedagogy
Fab Dupont (Flux Studios, Puremix)

Many people attempting to develop or expand their mixing skills are wading through a sea of misinformation. This is an important fact for mastering engineers to realize, since the mix is the foundation of what we do and many of these aspiring mixers will come to us.

Fab Dupont is trying to help. He's created an online repository of mixing tutorials, and downloadable mix sessions, at Fab is a mixing engineer, producer, and owner of Flux Studios in New York. He's worked for artists such as Santigold, Jennifer Lopez, Bon Jovi, Toots and The Maytals, Queen Latifah, Shakira, Issac Hayes, and many more.

Fab spoke with me about PureMix, the importance of hands-on learning, and why major labels are useful.

Music: Slick Rick Teacher, Teacher
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