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Square Cad #4 - Hype Check: BAX EQ
Chris Muth (Dangerous Music), Tom Waltz (Waltz Mastering)

Square Cad digs through the hype to evaluate the Dangerous Music BAX shelving EQ.  Chris Muth, electronics designer for Dangerous and renowned engineer, shares his thoughts about the BAX’s design.  Based on the ubiquitous topography of Peter J. Baxandall the BAX aims to be a transparent shelving solution reminiscent of a home or car stereo. 

To evaluate if the BAX meets it’s goals we hear from Tom Waltz of
Waltz Mastering. He shares his first hand experience with the BAX, as well as his thoughts about gearlust, the high-frequency shortcomings of digital EQs, and whether he thinks a $2200 dedicated shelving unit is worth it. 

Desmond Dekker Beautiful and Dangerous

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