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Square Cad #52 - Remastering The Hits
Alan Silverman (Arf Mastering)

Remastering is a tricky business. Especially when the original recordings have been heard by audiences for decades. How do you best optimize the music for a new format without changing what made it special in the first place?

To find out I spoke with Alan Silverman of Arf Mastering in Manhattan. Since 1996 Alan has been mastering and remastering for the likes of The Kinks, Judy Collins, Dolly Parton, Cheap Trick, Keith Richards, Bebo Valdes, and many more. He's worked on over 45 Grammy winning and nominated albums.

Alan spoke with me about the balancing act of remastering, why it sometimes requires some detective work, and the challenges a diverse clientele can bring.

Music: The Kinks Do It Again
photo courtesy of audio-times
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