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Square Cad #53 - Hype Check: Fab Filter Pro-DS De-esser
Floris Klinkert (Fab Filter)

This week Square Cad is checking the hype on the Fab Filter Pro-DS de-esser. Having a quality de-esser handy is crucial, and fans of Fab Filter's software have long clamored for them to offer a de-esser with their signature transparent sound and trademark ease-of-use. Does it live up to expectations and Fab Filter's claim of being "everything that you need"?

To find out I spoke with Floris Klinkert of Fab Filter, who designed the "intelligent algorithm" at the heart of Pro-DS. Then I tested Pro-DS against my preferred method of de-essing.

Download this episode as a 16/44 WAV to hear the de-essing comparisons without lossy compression.

Music: Yellow Red Sparks Four Steps In Corsets
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