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Square Cad #8 - Education and Experience
Paul Geluso (Harvestworks), Bob Maciochi (Subvert Central)

There are as many paths to a career in mastering as there are engineers. Some people work their way up through the studio system, others get a toehold through education, still others just hang out a shingle and get mastering. On this episode Square Cad examines the importance of education, both formal and informal.

First we hear from Paul Geluso, chief engineer and studio manager at Harvestworks Digital and recording technology professor at New York University. Paul discusses the impact of formal education on his career, and how he thinks students can make the most of their education.

Bob Macciochi also lends his perspective. Bob is a mastering engineer and one half of Subvert Central Mastering. He discuses his experience working as a mix engineer for artists on Ministry of Sound, and how his 'informal education' has informed his career.

Music: Ladytron Skools Out

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